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Sweet-sour-spicy cabbage


Sweet-sour-spicy cabbage (sweet and sour or spicy cabbage kimchi là bái cài) is a Sichuan dishes.

Sweet-sour-spicy cabbage

If you hear a name maybe you will think of kimchi in Korea, but this is actually two different dishes as Sweet-sour-spicy cabbage production is very simple and fast.

Sichuan and other dishes like characteristics of this dish is sour and spicy.

Sweet-sour-spicy cabbage

This dish is eventually taken during a severe cold quasi out of necessity. It combines two slightly different methods of preparation: When “sharp Chinese cabbage” of raw cabbage is doused with a boiled and then cooled dressing and then allowed to stand for hours before serving.


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Sweet-sour-spicy cabbage Recipes
  1. chilli, Sichuan pepper and ginger fry briefly, then stir fry cabbage
  2. soy sauce, vinegar and sugar Add, stir everything
    Sweet-sour-spicy cabbage
  3. Brief all boil vigorously, possibly add salt
  4. Remove from the heat and sprinkle some over it give sesame oil
    Sweet-sour-spicy cabbage
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