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Sichuan chili oil


I love spicy food and especially the cuisine of Sichuan. An important component for the taste of many Sichuan dishes is the right chilli oil. I’ll show you today how you can create your own aromatic chili oil you simply.

Sichuan chili oil

What is Sichuan chili oil?

In the szechuan cuisine chilies are as indispensable as the famous Sichuan pepper, which brings not only a slightly lemony, sparkling freshness, but also a typical numbness in the lips and tongue with it.

In Sichuan chili oil, both components are combined into a highly aromatic oil with other ingredients, such as Garlic, ginger or anise enriched. It provides the basis for a variety of typical Sichuan dishes and is also perfect to quickly enhance other dishes taste.

Just give the next time a spoon Sichuan chili oil to your carrot or cucumber. Really delicious, right?

Hot or Not?

Purchased chili oil I find almost always disappointing. It is usually made from a simple vegetable oil, has hardly aroma and is often not even sharp. Ok, it is red and an alibi Chili is also found in the bottle, so you even know what oil you bought degree. That’s also already. Geil is different!

How to Homemade  Sichuan chili oil

It’s not really be to difficult to make on your own taste matched chili oil. It is important that the oil is before it comes to the chili mixture already seasoned. I use only peanut oil for my base Sichuan chili oil (四川 红油 辣子) and roast it slowly garlic, ginger and spring onions, so that transfer their flavor to the oil.

You can, for example, in this step, also give star anise, a cinnamon stick or bay leaves to the oil. This gives other nuances again. Everything As you like. When choosing the chilli flakes, it depends on how sharp you are. Uh, so how sharp you can eat.

I always take relatively mild chilli flakes and but give the sharpness kick even a tablespoon Thai chilies to. That’s pretty hot! Try best advance how spicy the chili flakes. Once I’ve only taken Thai chilies. That was extremely sharp and is only recommended for experienced Chili junkies. ?

Perhaps you are wondering that in the chili oil, the liquid fraction in the end is not so high and it already looks more like a chili paste. However, this is absolutely intentional and you should use everything, not just the oil.

How do you like your chili oil? Hot or not?

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Homemade Sichuan chili oil
Sichuan chili oil discharge closed glass bottle storage, shelf life can be up to two months.
Cuisine Seasoning
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 10
Cuisine Seasoning
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 10
  1. Two garlic cloves finely. The rest of the garlic and cut the ginger into slices and spring onions into 2 cm long pieces.
  2. The Szechuan pepper in a mortar grind finely. Then coarsely crushed peanuts in a mortar and the Sichuan pepper, chilli flakes, finely chopped garlic and sesame seeds in a heatproof bowl mix.
  3. Heat the oil strongly. Garlic, add ginger and spring onions and fry over medium heat until everything well browned. Make sure that it does not burn, otherwise it will be bitter.
  4. Pour the still boiling hot oil through a sieve directly to the chili mixture and mix well.
  5. Allow to cool and pour into a glass jar.
Recipe Notes

If you want to vary the taste, simply enter times star anise, cinnamon or bay leaves during the roasting process with the oil.

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  1. Thank you for this recipe! I love making sambals and spicy oils and will surely make this one too.

    A little tip may be? If you add a teaspoon of store-bought chili oil, the home made oil can be kept even longer since the store bought oil contains enough preservation material. 😉

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