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Spicy and Sour Potato(TuDouSi)


Spicy and Sour Potato

Spicy and Sour Potato(Suan La Tu Dou Si) is a color, flavor and taste of Chinese cuisine. On the Chinese table of the most common vegetables. Its main ingredient of potato calm the stomach, improve gastrointestinal function, prevention of hypertension effect. Accessories peppers are rich in vitamin C, can enhance the physical, coronary artery disease.

Today a Spicy and Sour Potato This (Tu Dou si) are already a standard dish of Chinese cuisine. They are found very often on the menu in China. In this court you should but be careful that you do not over cook the potatoes. Then the potatoes sticking namely. You should taste a little crisp to end out.

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Chinese Fried Potato Strips
Keuken Vegetarisch
Keuken Vegetarisch
  1. Wash all ingredients and peel the potatoes.
  2. only Cut the potatoes into slices and then into thin strips. then leave again stand for 5 minutes in cold water, the strips.
  3. Cut garlic and spring onions into slices. The chillies in oblique small Slicer. And the coriander stalks adapt to the length of the potato strips.
  4. Put the oil in the wok and let heat. The added chillies and garlic slices give and fragrant roast.
  5. The potato strips surrender. Then give the salt and vinegar.
  6. quickly stir fry In hot heat. The potatoes should be about 80% do. So they should not be raw, but still crisp. After the coriander give added and again stir well. Then can be served hot.
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[alert-note]Spicy and Sour Potato - You can dry chilli flavoring, you can add some vegetables. Common vinegar can be, there is no need to be non-white vinegar, white vinegar taste but a lot of bad. Add vinegar earlier, you can make potatoes wire is not soft. Add a spoonful of chili oil aroma can both enriched.[/alert-note]

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