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[caption id="attachment_633" align="alignnone" width="768"] Szechuan Dry-Fried Green Beans[/caption] Szechuan Dried-fried green beans(干煸豆角) is one of my favorite side dishes to order in Sichuan restaurants. In contrast to crisp haricot verts or mushy microwaved diner-style beans, Sichuan-style green beans are blistered and well-cooked without being bland....

Moo shu pork

In Pork
On July 10, 2016
What Moo shu pork? Moo shu pork /mu shu pork(木须肉) is a dish of northern Chinese origin and a favorite of many. Ingredients in a Moo shu pork recipe often include green cabbage, carrots, wood ear mushrooms, bean sprouts, spring onions, scrambled eggs and day lily buds....
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